雅思听力: 听力中的时态考点的秘密


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剑桥11 test 2 section 2 中13/14题

bet9九州体育Which Two facilities does the theatre currently [1] offer to the public?

A. rooms for hire

B. backstage tours

C. hire of costumes

bet9九州体育D. a book shop

E. a cafe


Which Two workshops does the theatre currently [2] offer?

A. sound

B. acting

bet9九州体育C. making puppets

D. make-up

bet9九州体育E. lighting

剑桥8 test 1 section 2中19/20题

Which Two activities can students do after the tour at present?[3]

A. build model dinosaurs

bet9九州体育B. watch film

C. draw dinosaurs

D. find dinosaur eggs

E. play computer games

剑桥8 test 2 section 2中19题

bet9九州体育What can you see in the park at the present [4] time?

A. the arrival of wild birds

B. fruit tree blossom

bet9九州体育C. a demonstration of fishing

剑桥7 test 4section2中12题

bet9九州体育theoriginal [5] buildings on the site were

A. leisure

bet9九州体育B. apartment blocks

bet9九州体育C. a sports center

bet9九州体育从这些题中bet9九州体育可以看出,前两道题都出现了currently, 第三,第四道题at present, 第五道出现original,它们都是表示时间的词,都是选择题中题干出现的限定词,也是这些题中的考点词。

比如说第一道题which Two facilities does the theatre currently offer to the public?哪两个设施是theatre 目前提供给公众的?那bet9九州体育要选择选项中包含现在时间词的选项,录音中可能还会出现将来时间进行干扰,所以计划,打算,不久将开放的就是干扰项。

bet9九州体育根据录音: so we 're looking into the possibility to open a cafe in due course. (in due course 在适当的时候)排除E

bet9九州体育there are 2 large rooms will be decorated next month, and they"ll be available for hire. 排除A

bet9九州体育we're also considering hiring out costumes. 排除C



one way is by organizing backstage tour, so people can be shown around the building and learn how a theatre operates.

bet9九州体育we have a bookshop which specializes in books about drama and that attracts plenty of customers.


第二道题: 题干出现currently,问现在情况

所以根据录音: we intend to learn run courses in acting, but we're waiting until we've got the right people in place as trainers.出现将来时间排除B

we're going to start sound next month.出现将来时间词可以排除A。

a number of people have enquired about workshops on make-up, that's something we're considering for the future.排除C

答案句中: our lighting workshop has already started with great success.

bet9九州体育a surprise success is the workshop on making puppets……it is so popular we're now running them very month. 是现在完成时或者现在时。


bet9九州体育过去的时间词: original/originally / previous/ previously / former/ initially/ first / last / used to do / ago/ before / did /past

bet9九州体育现在的时间词: current/currently/ at present/ at the moment / now/ recently / have already done

将来的时间词: future/ be about to do/ be going to do / next / be considering / plan to do / intend to do / be thinking of / soon /



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